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Song Book

A Short Story Collection

Music shapes our world, gives it meaning.  The songs we love are indelibly connected in our consciousness to crucial events, to powerful emotions, to that which we have lost.  Though written by others, they chronicle our own lives, have unique and profound connotations for each listener.  The song that recalls our first love.  The blues we played to ease the pain of a break-up.  The lyrics that invariably bring tears to our eyes.  The stirring tunes and muscular brass that helps us celebrate.  Their enduring melodies and accompanying lyrics help us to understand ourselves, to make sense of our experiences.  They remind us that we are not alone in our joys and our sorrows.

Songbook is a collection of fictional short stories that reflect the profound influence of rock music and its lyrics on the author’s life.  Many stories draw their inspiration from the poetic lyrics of classic songs.  Others explore what the songs we sing reveal about our personalities, our choices, the nature of a modern world.  As a book, the stories – about a chance meeting on a Voyageur bus, a surprising mishap in the delivery room, love in the age of climate change, a mysterious satchel left in the back seat of an airport limousine, and many others – explore the hopes, fears, disappointments, weaknesses and redemptions that make us human.

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The Oracle of Spring Garden Road


A novel

Coming Soon

Available June 10

“Crazy Eddie” is a homeless man who inhabits two squares of pavement in front of a bank in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.  In this makeshift office, he panhandles and dispenses his peerless wisdom.  Well-educated, fiercely intelligent with a passionate interest in philosophy and a profound love of nature, Eddie is an enigma for the locals.  Who is he?  Where did he come from?  What brought him to a life on the streets?  Though rumors abound, none capture the unique worldview and singular character that led him to withdraw from the perfidy and corruption of human beings.  Just as Eddie has decided to plan his return to society after nearly two decades on the streets, he encounters Jane, a kind woman whose intelligence and integrity rival his own.  Jane makes it her mission to uncover the painful secrets of his past, to make him whole again.  But will she heal Eddie or will he save her?


A dizzying ride between past and present, The Oracle of Spring Garden Road is a tour de force of  love, betrayal, tradition, the transformative beauty of nature, and the heavenly music of life.

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